Ljubljana city view


Green Slovenia

A green capital, wild gorges and a moorland. A weekend trip to Ljubljana and the surrounding area will especially make nature lovers happy.

EuroNight takes you from Zurich, Feldkirch and Munich to Ljubljana in a comfortable and low-emission way. Slovenia’s small but vibrant capital has a reputation of being particularly ‘green’. For its high environmental consciousness, it was awarded the title of Green Capital by the EU in 2016. Among others, this manifests itself in its many parks and green areas such as the Tivoli Park, the Mostec forest recreation zone or the promenade following the gentle Ljubljanica River. You shouldn’t miss the three bridges spanning the river. Among these is the pretty Dragon’s Bridge - one of many Art Nouveau structures in Ljubljana. Castle hill provides beautiful views of the historic centre which can be reached on a stroll from the old part. The Ljubljana moors which is home to countless butterfly and bird species is located not far from the capital. Additionally, the hilly landscape of Polhov-Gradec borders the city’s suburbs and wows with its countless hiking trails. Should you then still long for more adventure, take a day trip to Lake Bled. This alpine lake with its picturesque castle on the shores features an island that, according to legend, can make wishes come true.

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