City panorama with castle in Bratislava


The colourful heart of Europe

Slovakia has something to offer not only nature lovers and active holidaymakers. The capital Bratislava is ideal for a leisurely stroll and perfect for partying.

First, the good news: all roads lead to Slovakia, whether direct with the Nightjet from Berlin to Bratislava or via Vienna, where up to 60 connections are available at the main station every day. And now the even better news: Slovakia is always worth a visit, wherever you’re coming from. Because you can experience nature in its purest form here, no fewer than nine national parks, the impressive Carpathians, the most extensive karst region in Central Europe and, of course, the picturesque Danube wetlands.

But if you want to enjoy more than just the beauty of the landscape and have a yearning for urban action, then there’s no getting away from the capital Bratislava. The lanes of the Old Town are mostly free from traffic and can be properly explored in a single day, so comfortable footwear is an advantage. The "white" castle of Bratislava towers to the west of the centre on an 85 meter-high rock, a good start for an extended stroll with a fantastic long-distance view. Having arrived at the bottom, you can discover the streets’ many, sometimes curious statues, e.g. the bronze "Čumil", which looks out of a manhole cover, a paparazzo, a soldier from Napoleon’s time and "Schöner Náci", a symbol for the friendliness of the city’s residents. Also worth a visit are Grassalkovich Palace with its impressive garden, the large Slavín war memorial and St. Elisabeth Church, also called the "Blue Church".

Are you more of a night owl? In "Partyslava", you can party, eat, drink and dance to your heart’s content! On a pub crawl, a local guide takes you to the trendiest locations in town; extra beer tours are also offered to fans of hop juice. Before this, you should try Slovakia’s national dish called "Bryndzové halušky", a dish made with potato, sour cream, bacon and cheese.

And around Bratislava? Nature can be enjoyed in every season in the forest park, as can the view of the city and the castle’s Baroque garden. If you like, you can even overnight in a treehouse here! Or you can discover the Little Danube and its surroundings on a paddling tour or water hiking. In summary? Beautiful Slovakia is much more diverse than you might think...

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