Freund:innen im Damenabteil

Ladies only compartment

Female passengers can book their own ladies only compartments in the couchette car if desired

The “Ladies only compartment” option when booking online offers female travellers the opportunity to share a compartment exclusively with other female travellers in a Nightjet couchette coach.

Ladies only compartments can be booked in either the couchette coach or the couchette comfort coach. Both offer the same amenities and services as the couchette compartments that are open to all.

Please select the option “Ladies only compartment” under the category couchette car when booking online or contact ÖBB Customer Service on +43 5 1717, or ask the ÖBB ticket counter staff.

Sleeping car

Compartments are usually single-sex only in sleeping cars, unless the entire compartment is reserved as part of a single booking.  Female passengers booking a single berth in a sleeping car will therefore only share a compartment with other female passengers.