Multifunktionswagen im Umbau

Nightjet Upgrade

Newly converted multifunction couchette car for the existing Nightjet fleet.

Facilities in the new comfort couchette car

The upgraded multifunction couchette cars offer an unprecedented level of comfort for passengers with mobility issues. Each car is equipped with a modern barrier-free compartment comprising 2 beds and a barrier-free WC. The comfort couchette car is equipped with new 4-person compartments that are fitted with built-in beds, which significantly increase comfort while sleeping and travelling, and are especially great for families. The multifunctional couchettes cars have a space for prams and pushchairs, three bicycle stands, free Wi-Fi and other technical innovations such as USB ports and power sockets for charging at each couchette and a control panel with various convenient functions such as light control or calling for service. They are also fitted with an electronic access system using NFC cards and have video surveillance to further improve safety.

Have a 360° look inside the new comfort couchette car

The upgrade project

At ÖBB Train Tech, 22 seating cars are currently being converted into modern multifunction couchette cars for use on the Nightjet in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. With this we want to modernise the existing night train fleet and provide our passengers with added comfort and choice.

The new comfort couchette cars will be integrated individually into the existing Nightjet trains so that, in future, we can offer you modernised cars and barrier-free compartments on as many lines as possible. The first upgraded comfort couchette cars are already on the rails.

The upgrade in 3 episodes

Episode 1 of our upgrade programme sees the ÖBB Technical Services team in the factory hall making sure that the cars are emptied and gutted appropriately for the conversion. Any components that are no longer required are removed to make room for the new interior.

The interior work is in full swing in episode 2 - people are busy screwing, wiring, sanding, painting and assembling.

In episode 3, the cars receive the final touches so that everything is ready for their first journey.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3