Venice St. Mark's Doge's Palace


Overnight to over 25 European cities

No traffic jams, no stress.

After your trainride, you arrive next morning fully recuperated and relaxed at your destination - right in the city centre. Ideal for city trips and holiday travel without the stress and hassle of a strenuous drive.

Because if you take the Nightjet, your holiday starts with your journey.

While our train team takes care of you, the Nightjet will take you to many different European cities overnight in a sleeper, couchette or day coach.

Travel to the following cities, among others, in an environmentally friendly way on the Nightjet or by EuroNight trains:

Take advantage of the time you have gained, enjoy the anticipation of your destination and above all: Get a good night's sleep while getting there. You'll still need your energy. Whether it's a bicycle tour around Lake Constance, a visit to the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg, a museum tour through Basel or following the footsteps of the Medici in Florence. The most exciting cities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy are waiting for you. EuroNight trains also take you to Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Certain connections even allow you to take along your car or motorcycle.

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