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Travel smarter.

The Nightjet benefits at a glance.

The smarter traveller takes the ÖBB Nightjet.

Because the Nightjet offers countless benefits: For people, the environment and your wallet. So you wake up in Europe's most beautiful cities fully rested.

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Travel safely.

Surfaces and sanitary facilities in the ÖBB Nightjet are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Our Nightjet Coronavirus Guide contains more information about how you can protect yourself and your fellow travellers during the journey.

Mädchen im Schlafwagen

Enjoy privacy.

For maximum privacy, you can book your own compartment: this lets you travel without having to share your compartment with other passengers.

Umweltschonend reisen mit er Bahn

Climate-friendly travel¹.

Discovering Europe overnight in a way that protects the climate is possible: simply select from the Nightjet destinations and travel with the climate-friendly¹ ÖBB night train.

Mann im Liegewagen im Nightjet

Save accommodation costs².

Save money while you sleep. Who doesn't dream of that? With the ÖBB Nightjet, you can: Arrive fit and rested at your destination and save the yourself the costs of accommodation. There's no more comfortable way to start a holiday!

Wien Stadtzentrum mit dem Stephansdom

Arrive in the city centre.

Imagine opening your eyes, being served your breakfast, enjoying the view of the sunrise through the train window and arriving right at the heart of your destination. Which you can do particularly affordably with a Sparschiene ticket from Monday to Thursday.

Nightjet rauscht durch den Bahnhof

Avoid the security check and queues.

No tedious luggage and security check at the airport. No jam on the busy motorway. Spare your nerves: simply climb aboard, make yourself comfortable and arrive at your destination fully relaxed.

Familie im Liegewagen

Family-friendly travel.

It is quite possible that your children won't even start to ask "Are we nearly there?! Are we nearly there?!" when you travel by Nightjet. Because they can enjoy family time and adventure with you right from the start: With lots of room to move around in, comfortable private use of the couchette carriage, without the annoying equalisation of pressure when flying, and many other advantages for young and old.

Jugendliche Mädchen im Sitzwagen

Travel without the pressure.

Discover the relaxed, stress-free culture of travelling with the ÖBB Nightjet. Lean back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy dinner or a night cap as well.

¹ Per person and kilometre, travelling by train causes 15x fewer CO₂ emissions than travelling in an average car and as much as 31x fewer CO₂ emissions than flying (Source: CO₂ balance, calculated by the Federal Environment Agency).

² Possible saving of accommodation costs compared to arriving the night before.