Manarola - Cinque Terre

La Spezia & Cinque Terre

The passion of Liguria

Where will your dreams take you in anticipation on the Nightjet to La Spezia? After all, this Ligurian port city is the ideal starting point to access the Cinque Terre National Park. On the coast, five picturesque villages including offshore islands are just waiting for you to pay them a visit. The towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare are all easily accessible using the local train connection from La Spezia.


The Cinque Terre, the five villages located on spectacular cliffs, are an area where hiking and savouring the fantastic sea views can be harmoniously combined. However, it is important to wear suitable footwear for hiking. The well-trodden paths high above the sea are not for beachgoers in sandals and flip-flops - it makes even more sense to invest in a Cinque Terre Card Treno (includes the train), because the four main hiking trails in the national park are subject to a fee.

And which is the most beautiful? Although it is not possible to grade them due to their splendour and differing tastes, the 12-kilometre Sentiero Azzurro between Riomaggiore and Monterosso al Mare is definitely recommended. For some of its length, it runs along the famous beach promenade Via dell’Amore - and it lives up to its name. From 2023, the “love path” will be open again after renovation work is completed and will once agin offer an unforgettable panorama.

One more tip: Whether La Spezia is to be the beginning or rather the end of your journey through this UNESCO World Heritage site: you will find it is worth staying. Surrounded by the Golfo dei Poeti, the "Gulf of Poets", the city offers an ideal combination of culture and nature. You can immerse yourself in seafaring traditions in the 19th century Naval Armoury or in the Technical Maritime Museum Museo Tecnico Navale with its many historical models and navigation implements. In addition, one of the most famous shopping streets in Liguria is located here behind extensive parks: the Corso Cavour. Above all, La Spezia is the best starting point for many boat trips to nearby islands such as Palmaria or Portovenere; ferries to Sardinia, Corsica, Elba and Sicily also leave from here. So there is plenty of inspiration for your next holiday, especially for those who like to combine train and boat trips.


The narrow streets of Manarola