Traditional house in the Netherlands


Live it up in the Netherlands Canals, canvases and culinary delights.

An open-armed Dutch welcome: It is not without reason that the Dutch are considered by many to be the most hospitable nation in all of Europe. They are happy to welcome visitors here and particularly value their friends and families, which is why the Dutch are thought of as fond of children, warm-hearted, approachable and uncomplicated. In the World Happiness Report, which analyses happiness in individual countries, the Netherlands is always at the top of the leaderboard.

Given that the Dutch themselves enjoy travelling and do so often, a trip to visit them is always enjoyable. This is because the little country with its varied landscape and cultural history offers so much more than windmills, waterways and seas of flowers - even if these are a treat for the eyes. Whether you travel around by train or - in typical Dutch fashion - by bicycle, you are guaranteed to find inspiration - just like masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh did.

Goedemorgen and Goedenacht: The Nightjet allows you to experience three different Dutch highlights that bring both van Gogh and gouda into our lives. With a daily direct connection from Innsbruck or Vienna, you can travel overnight to Amsterdam, Utrecht or Arnhem and discover magnificent canals, open green spaces and a multitude of culinary delights.