Meer vor Opatija in Kroatien


A delightful coastal world

The best of Zagreb, Rijeka and Split: crystal-clear water, superb eating places, cultural attractions and unspoiled scenery make Croatia a paradise for holidaymakers.

The EuroNight takes you from Zurich, Feldkirch, Stuttgart and Munich to the capital city of Zagreb; from Stuttgart and Munich you can even travel direct to the beautiful harbour of Rijeka. From Bratislava, Vienna and Graz, the EuroNight will take you to the sensational beach town of Split in your sleep from 3 May 2024.

Between Vienna and Split, your car or motorbike will also be carried on the train.


From Split train station you can reach the numerous ferries to many Croatian islands in just a few steps.

With almost 6,000 kilometres of coastline - including over a thousand islands - Croatia has rightly come to be seen as one of Europe’s trendiest destinations. Hardly surprising given that this little country on the Adriatic coast is one of the 30 most water-rich regions in the world and attaches great importance to beach cleanliness, as testified by the annual award of the Blue Flag for top beach quality.

Moreover, Zagreb, the only town in Croatia with a population of over a million, boasts some unusual cultural highlights such as the Museum of Broken Relationships or the Museum of Illusions. Food lovers can savour some hearty delicacies under the red sunshades at the famous Dolac Market, not far from the picturesque flower market. The Croatian capital is also renowned for its bustling nightlife scene, notably in the famous street of Tkalciceva ulica, which is lined with countless restaurants and bars.

Rijeka, on the other hand, is a throwback to a bygone age. In this little harbour town, you can stroll along the seafront at Kvarner Bay and visit the picturesque Old Town with its numerous galleries, museums and interesting historic buildings. Trsat Castle, one of the oldest fortresses on the Croatian coast, offers a particularly good vista of the district. Not far from the town, there are several beaches, and an extensive ferry network links Rijeka to the other coastal towns and islands along the Adriatic coast, where old underwater shipwrecks and caves await to be discovered.

Despite being a vibrant, fast-moving town, Split is steeped in history. Here you can explore the delightful winding alleys that offer glimpses of the glistening sea. The palm-tree-lined Riva promenade is particularly popular with "night owls".
Diocletian Palace, one of the best preserved monuments of Roman architecture worldwide, is well worth a visit, not only for tourists interested in the rich history of the site: since serving as a film location for the cult series "Game of Thrones", it has also been attracting young people in their droves. Split’s sandy and pebble beaches - ranging from large beaches with good amenities to small, secluded ones - are also within easy reach of the historic Old Town district.