Zurich city center


Modern cities

Switzerland is best known for its beautiful nature. However, besides the mountains, it is also worthwhile to conquer the country’s multicultural cities.


From 12.12.2021 the Nightjet also runs from Amsterdam to Zurich. Tickets for this connection will be available from mid-October.

The Nightjet departs daily from Vienna, Graz, Villach, Hamburg and Zagreb to Basel and Zurich, where art, culture and multicultural life wait to be discovered. Their diversity manifests itself in the different languages spoken there. Those who travel Switzerland will hear Italian, French, Rhaeto-Romanic and German as well as a dialect of the latter, the famous Swiss German.

Basel is a must for all art lovers. Switzerland’s cultural centre is known for its annual Art Fair, countless museums and its unique location at the border triangle. Apart from cultural experiences, its surrounding areas are perfect to explore forested hills, climb up to broad plateaus to take in fantastic vistas or take a hike through Laufen Valley south of the city. Small farms, hidden country inns - Switzerland is a country as picturesque as they come.

Once every year, the Swiss show the world how good they are at partying during the summer Street Parade in the multicultural metropolis of Zurich, proving that it’s not all about banking and watches. Those who long for the latter will find what they are looking for on Bahnhofsstraße, one of Europe’s most famous shopping streets. If you then still wish to see a few Swiss clichés, you just have to get out of town. Located around Zurich are crystal-clear lakes, rivers and picturesque villages.

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