Krakow Market Square


Discovering Poland

If there is nothing new in the West, try the East. Poland, for example. The two most beautiful cities of the country offer a lot to discover.

Would you like to venture into the unknown in the East?

Take the EuroNight night train daily from Munich via Salzburg, Linz and Vienna to Krakow and Warsaw.

You’ll sleep well and wake fully refreshed in the pearls of Poland: in Warsaw, the economic, political and cultural heart of the country shows its old and new faces together. In the historic Old Town, you’ll feel immediately transported back to earlier times, while the impressive skyline is undergoing constant change. On the old marketplace, you can enjoy hearty Polish food - you should certainly give a portion of pierogi a try! The people of Warsaw also prize their parks - around a quarter of the city on the Vistula river consists of green spaces and nature.

The old royal city of Krakow is referred to by some as the secret capital and is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Here, you’ll find buildings from Romantic to Art Nouveau, interspersed with architectural monuments from the Gothic and Renaissance periods. In the shadow of Wawel Hill with its royal castle stands one of the oldest universities in Europe, while the historic centre is home to countless restaurants and bars in old brick buildings. Many of the old residences of powerful noble families in Poland have also been converted into hotels. For example, you can stay overnight in Paszkówka Palace near Krakow. What are you waiting for? Poland is waiting for you!