Dog with a leash in its mouth

Travelling with pets

Many passengers wish to travel with their dog.

You can only take your dog with you on the ÖBB Nightjet if you book an entire compartment. Dogs are not allowed in the Mini Cabin.

You can pay for your dog’s ticket on the train, by telephone (by calling ÖBB customer service on 0043 5 1717) or at the ÖBB ticket offices. Assistance dogs travel free of charge and do not require a muzzle. ÖBB fare conditions apply for journeys within Austria.

Dogs are not allowed in the couchette or sleeping cars on EuroNight services run by PKP (Polish State Railways), ČD (Czech Railways) and MÁV-START (Hungarian Railways).

Small, harmless animals in a closed and secure container can travel with you free of charge, provided that the container does not exceed the maximum dimensions of 90cm x 60cm x 40cm and is stowed in the luggage rack. This applies only if you book an entire compartment.