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Interrail and Eurail

Discover Europe with ÖBB

If you have booked a Eurail or Interrail global pass for your trip, you are also welcome to use it on ÖBB Nightjets or EuroNight, depending on validity.

Travelling through the night, our sleepers, couchette coaches and day coaches allow you to pass the night with sweet dreams. The next morning, you arrive fully recuperated and relaxed at your destination - right in the city centre. And you also save an overnight stay at a hotel.

Please note that for each journey, a reservation fee must be paid for each pass holder. This fee includes breakfast in the couchette and sleeper cabin as well as the seat reservation. This guarantees your seat/couchette/bed for the booked train.

Important information

Where can I get more information and book the supplement?

  • at any ÖBB ticket counter
  • at any railway ticket office in Central Europe
  • from the ÖBB customer service at tel. 0043 5 1717
  • online via the option "Interrail/Eurail - Globalpass" under discount

Please book your reservation prior to departure. If purchased on the train, an additional service charge applies on top of this fee.

Cancellation and exchange of a reservation

  • A contingent and train-specific offer, refundable for free up to 15 days before the first day of validity. After this, up to 1 day before the first day of validity, a fee of 50% of the fare applies, with a minimum of 15 euros per person. No discounts. 
  • These cancellation conditions apply to tickets that have been purchased online provided that the booking has not yet been received as a PDF ticket. A PDF ticket can no longer be cancelled. Tickets picked up at the ticket machine or ticket counter can only be refunded at the ticket counter.

The fare conditions of ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG apply.