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Discovering Poland

If there is nothing new in the West, try the East. Poland, for example. The two most beautiful cities of the country offer a lot to discover.

Would you like to venture into the unknown in the East? Sit down on the night train of our Nightjet Partner PKP (Polish Railway) in Vienna, enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up in two of Poland’s most beautiful cities. Krakow and Warsaw. The country’s economic, political and cultural centre will show you its old and new face at the same time. Its historic old part transports you back to the old days while Warsaw’s skyline is in constant transition. Enjoy hearty Polish food on the market square - don't leave without trying a portion of pierogi. Apart from their food, the people of Warsaw are particularly proud of their parks: green areas and nature make up approximately a quarter of the city on the shores of the Vistula River. The Nightjet trains bring you to the south of Poland just as comfortably, however. Some call the old royal city of Krakow the country’s secret capital. It surely is one of the prettiest. It features Romanesque buildings as well as Art Nouveau structures, interspersed with Gothic and Renaissance monuments. Mount Wawel with its royal palace towers over one of the oldest universities in Europe while the historic centre offers countless restaurants and bars nestled in old brick buildings. Many of the old residences of once powerful royal families in Poland were converted to hotels, by the way. Not far from Krakow, for instance, you can stay at Paszkówka Palace. What are you waiting for? Poland is waiting for you!

Note: Sparschiene Tickets from Vienna to Poland are available from 19.90 Euro*!

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