Rome Colosseum


Land of the eternal city

Pizza, pasta and amore. Most people know a lot of things about Italy and its inhabitants without ever having been there.

Our Nightjet trains are at the ready to help you fulfil that desire. Departing from Germany and Austria, they will bring you to the prettiest cities and regions in Italy, from Venice to Tuscany and Latium.

Thanks to Shakespeare, Verona must be one of the most romantic cities in the world. Not far from here lies Lake Garda, surrounded by olive groves and cypresses, which quickly makes you forget the flat beaches of the Adriatic Sea. You can surf, go mountain biking and hiking or admire the villas on the banks and the remnants of the Roman Empire. Further to the east, in the Veneto, lies the world-famous lagoon city of Venice. When you take a walk through this unique city with its medieval palazzi or take a gondola to explore its many canals, you will feel like on a theatre set. If you prefer to spend your money on Prada or Armani products instead of Murano glass, you should continue to Milan - and, of course, its breathtakingly pretty, white cathedral. Located a little further south is Bologna, a vibrant city with lots of towers and arcades and full of young people. And since you are already in the area, you should pay the venerable Medici family a visit: Its countless works of art and renaissance buildings that were sponsored by the ancient dynasty arguably make Florenz the country’s most beautiful city. Of course, you can also go straight to the heart of Italy: Rome, the eternal city with its hustle and bustle and zest for life, its remnants of the Roman Empire and dolce vita is something no-one who truly wants to experience Italy should miss.

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