When travelling with the ÖBB, you will enjoy maximum comfort and can even take your bicycle or pet along. Culinary catering is also provided.


Persons travelling on the day coach can purchase beverages and snacks from the train team.

Couchette tickets include mineral water and a Viennese breakfast. Beverages and snacks from the menu can be purchased from the train team and are served at the seat.

Included in sleeper cabin tickets:

  • Welcome drink and evening snack
  • Mineral water
  • À la carte breakfast with hot beverage (free refill included)
  • Beverages and snacks from the menu can be purchased from the train team and are served at the seat.

Luggage service

When travelling with ÖBB, you can enjoy utmost comfort. If you would like us to, we will gladly pick up your luggage prior to your departure and take it directly to your destination. Your suitcases and bags will be awaiting you when you arrive.


Dogs may only be taken along on an ÖBB Nightjet if you book an entire compartment.

The ÖBB Nightjet ticket for dogs costs an additional € 29.- and is available on the train, by phone from the ÖBB customer service at 0043 5 1717 or at the ÖBB ticket counters. Service dogs travel free of charge and do not need to wear a muzzle. Trips within Austria are subject to ÖBB’s terms and conditions.

On trains operated by the Nightjet partners MAV (Hungarian railway), PKP (Polish railway) and ČD (Czech railway), dogs are unfortunately not allowed in couchette and sleeper cabins.


Bicycles can currently only be taken on Nightjets travelling between Germany and Austria, as well as Switzerland. Bicycles require separate tickets and reservations.

You can take your bicycle along on the following routes:

  • NJ 420 Innsbruck - Munich - Cologne - Düsseldorf
  • NJ 421 Düsseldorf - Cologne - Munich - Innsbruck
  • NJ 490 Vienna - Linz - Hanover - Hamburg
  • NJ 491 Hamburg - Hanover - Linz - Vienna
  • NJ 40420 Innsbruck - Munich - Hamburg
  • NJ 40421 Düsseldorf - Cologne - Frankfurt - Linz - Vienna
  • NJ 40490 Vienna - Linz - Frankfurt - Cologne - Düsseldorf
  • NJ 40491 Hamburg - Munich - Innsbruck
  • NJ 401 Hamburg - Hannover - Basel - Zürich (21.12.2018 - 06.01.2019, 12.04. - 20.10.2019)
  • NJ 40470 Zürich - Basel - Hannover - Hamburg (20.12.2018 - 05.01.2019, 11.04. - 19.10.2019)

Sanitary facilities

  • Every day coach and couchette features bathrooms and toilets.
  • Every sleeper cabin features toilets and showers. Every sleeper cabin compartment features a wash basin, deluxe compartments additionally come with their own toilet and shower.