Gargle test is passed

"Alles gurgelt!" on the Nightjet

Free PCR gurgle tests on Nightjet trains to Vienna

On all ÖBB Nightjet trains to Vienna, you can now get free PCR gurgle test kits from the staff on board to get tested for Coronavirus.

ÖBB, in cooperation with the City of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, is now offering regular PCR tests as part of the "Alles gurgelt!" Coronavirus testing campaign on Nightjet trains travelling to Vienna. This means all passengers will be able to take a PCR test while still on the train and hand in their test upon arrival at one of 620 REWE locations (Billa, Merkur, BIPA, Penny, petrol stations with REWE shops) throughout Vienna. You can also hand in your test at petrol station shops on Sundays and bank holidays. If the PCR gurgle tests are handed in before 9am, the results will be available for travellers within 24 hours.

The PCR gurgle tests are optional. PCR gurgle test kits will be handed out by staff on board the ÖBB Nightjets, and passengers themselves will be responsible for carrying out and handing in their PCR gurgle tests.

Make the most of free PCR tests and gurgle with us! So that we can get through the pandemic safe and sound together.

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